Berlin School of Business and Innovation

About BSBI

●   University is located in the heart of Berlin, focusing on helping graduates to become exceptional leaders in their chosen field. All of our programs are accredited by FIBAA.

●   English taught programs: All programs are taught in the world’s primary business language – English, which provides a common platform for all students across the world to engage with and communicate with one another.

●   Free German Language tuition: It’s an essential part of living in Germany that you can speak the native language, therefore we provide all students with free German language lessons of all levels depending on their ability Global lectures and cross-border practical projects through innovative teaching methods.

●   Faculty with real business experience: Our teaching faculty has extensive industry expertise and is passionate about their teaching, their expertise, and their students.

●   Global diversity: Our students come to us from around the world, to create a vibrant and diverse learning environment in which you can flourish and excel.

●   Global qualifications: Through the academic excellence of Università telematica Internazionale UNINETTUNO all qualifications are globally recognized and valued by employers around the world.

●   Return on investment: Our graduates see a quick return on their investment, with lasting results, after leaving BSBI.

●   Career opportunities: We ensure that all graduates are best prepared for a world of global career opportunities. Our BA's, MA’s and MBA’s are designed to transform your career potential giving you the added impact needed to succeed in the modern business environment.

*Scholarships Guaranteed: For all mentioned programs with mentioned criteria.

Quick facts


Available Intakes:
March & October

Education Fields:
Business and Management

Bachelor Programs Degree Program Duration Intake Available
1 BA in Economics and Business Administration 3 Years Feb/May/Oct
2 BA in Economics and Business Administration with Foundation (1ST year) 4 Years Feb/May/Oct

Master Programs Degree Program Duration Intake Available
1 MA in International Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management 1.5 Years Feb/May/Oct
2 MA in Investment and Finance 1.5 Years Feb/May/Oct
3 MA in Strategic Marketing 1.5 Years Feb/May/Oct
4 Global MBA 1.5 Years Feb/May/Oct
5 MSc in international Health Management 1.5 Years Feb/May/Oct
6 MBA in Maritime and Shipping Management 1.5 Years Feb/May/Oct