Jacob’s University

About Jacob’s University

●   Jacob’s University was founded in the year 2001 with support of free Hanseatic City of Bremen, the University of Bremen, and Rice University, Houston, Texas

●   Jacobs University ranks among the 25 percent of the best universities worldwide.

●   In Germany’s most comprehensive and detailed university ranking by the Center for Higher Education (CHE) Jacobs University has also been highly successful every year since its first participation in 2005.

●   Jacobs University offers study exchange programs in conjunction with international partners including Rice University, Washington State University, Carnegie Mellon University in the USA, Fudan University in China, Technion in Israel and Yamanashi Gakuin University in Japan; it is also involved in the EU exchange program ERASMUS+.

●   Depending on the study program, between €10,000 and €28,000 per academic year.

Quick facts


Available Intakes:

Education Fields:
Business, Engineering & Technology

Bachelor Programs

S.no Degree Program Duration Intake Available
1 Foundation Year Program 1 Year September
2 Preparatory-Medical Natural Sciences 3 Years September
3 Bachelor Of Arts In Integrated Social Sciences 3 Years September
4 Bachelor in Computer Science 3 Years September
5 Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering 3 Years September
6 Bachelor In Industrial Engineering & Management 3 Years September
7 Bachelor In Intelligent Mobile Systems 3 Years September
8 Bachelor of Science In Mathematics 3 Years September
9 Bachelor of science In Biochemistry and Cell Biology 3 Years September
10 Bachelor of science In Chemistry 3 Years September
11 Bachelor of Science In Earth and Environmental Sciences 3 Years September
12 Bachelor of Science In Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology 3 Years September
13 Bachelor of Science In Physics 3 Years September
14 Bachelor Of Arts In Global Economics and Management 3 Years September
15 Bachelor Of Arts In International Business Administration 3 Years September
16 Bachelor Of Arts In International Relations: Politics & History 3 Years September
17 Bachelor Of Arts In Psychology 3 Years September

Master Programs

S.no Degree Program Duration Intake Available
1 Master In Data Engineering 2 Years September
2 Master In Supply Chain Engineering & Management 2 Years September
3 Master In Computational Life Science 2 Years September
4 Master Of Arts In international Relations 2 Years September
5 Master Of Arts In Psychology 2 Years September