SRH Hochschule Berlin

About SRH Hochschule Berlin

●   We are first provider of Bachelor Programmes in the Berlin area

●   Accreditation by German Council of Science and Humanities (Wissenschaftsrat)

●   Renowned for International orientation

●   Huge networking with partner universities and international companies

●   Immense options to choose at different levels I.e. Bachelor, Master and MBA

●   We give utmost importance to overall personal development of students

●   Innovative courses with some exclusive options

●   Reliable presence at international level

Quick facts


Available Intakes:

Education Fields:
Business & Management.

Bachelor Programs Degree Program Duration Intake Available
1 BSc Business Information Systems 3 years October
2 BA in International Business Administration 3 years October
3 BA in International Business Administration –Communication Management 3 years October
4 BA in International Business Administration - Finance 3 years October

Master Programs Degree Program Duration Intake Available
1 MSc in Computer Science – Cyber Security 2 Years September
2 MSc in Computer Science – Big Data and Artificial Intelligence 2 Years September
3 MA in Entrepreneurship 2 Years September
4 Master of Engineering and International Business – Renewable Energy, Water and Waste Management 2 Years September
5 MA in International Management 2 Years September
6 Masters in International Management – Creative Management 2 Years September
7 MBA in Leadership in International Organizations 1.5 years September
8 MBA in General Management 1.5 years September
9 MBA in International Health Care Management 1.5 years September
10 MBA in Hospitality Management 1.5 years September