Career Counseling

In order to provide exceptional services to students, our German experts provide full-fledged information about Study in Germany, available courses and universities so that they can have good number of options to choose from. We consider each and every aspect of students such as academic profile, budget and area of interest before providing options to them. In this session, students can expect complete information about German education system, lifestyle, living expenses and career opportunities.

University Selection

Student’s career is prominently based on the choice of university as it plays a vital role in overall development of students. Thus, GHEC introduces you with different universities along with their reputation in global world. GHEC holds a good association with universities and colleges that would be an advantage for students as they will be in the priority list.

Course Selection

This is one of the crucial steps in the entire process of Study in Germany as it will determine the field of your career. Selecting appropriate course is necessary for shaping student’s career in right pathway. Student interest, tuition fees, duration and career opportunities are some of the main attributes that effects the decision of finalizing course. Besides this, student eligibility for the particular course is also important as there are different entry requirements for each program.

Admission Formalities

Being your Study in Germany consultant, GHEC is responsible to undergo all the admission and visa formalities. To make your entire journey smoother, we are having specific departments that can solve your queries efficiently and provide end to end guidance on documents and other requirements. We update our students with every step taken on their profile.

SOP Assistance

SOP/Motivation Letter is one of the key requirements for admission and visa process. It determines student’s background and intention to Study in Germany. It also consists of the reason for particularly choosing Germany, university and course. GHEC provide a precise format to write SOP and specified tips to write an effective SOP for submission.

Education Loans

Along with other services, GHEC also have financial agents that provide complete guidance on education loans to the students. These agents help students to understand the entire process of education loan ranging from eligibility, application, documents requirement and its approval.

Visa Services

Visa Processing and Visa file preparation keeps utmost importance in the entire process of studying in Germany as it is impossible to fly without visa. At GHEC, we have segregated department for Visa that provide complete visa guidance to students. We have experts who hold enormous experience of filing German visa and are well aware about the Germany Visa rules & regulations that increase the chance of visa success.

Visa Guidance & Support

For Germany Student Visa, students need to prepare a file with required documents which has a defined order. At GHEC, we assist our students to arrange their file in a requisite order and keep an accurate record of compulsory funds. After this, all the files are thoroughly checked by our German experts in order to avoid any kind of mistakes and chances of visa refusal.

Mock Visa Interviews

At the time of Visa processing, interviews are conducted by the German Embassy to understand the intention and authenticity of the students. GHEC prepares all the enrolled students for interview round and internally conduct 2-3 rounds of mock interviews to examine their preparation and confidence level.


Most of the students are totally unaware about the living expenses and accommodation part. So, GHEC help students to get the accommodation done at the affordable prices and with all required facilities. Some public universities provide on- campus accommodation which can be pre- booked at the time of admission. In another case, GHEC can provide adequate information and contacts to students to arrange their own accommodation.

Travel Arrangements

Travelling covers a huge cost while flying to Germany so it is important not to ignore this part and pre booked your air tickets. As GHEC provide end to end services, we can also arrange flight tickets for the students at feasible costs. Our travel agents endow with the complete travel information and ensure to make your travel comfortable. Apart from this, GHEC also provide pick-up facility from airport to the university so that you can reach safe and sound.


Germany Visa Filing requires medical and travel insurance of students where GHEC help students to get their insurance done from reputed agents. GHEC facilitate this process and make it effortless for students.

Foreign Exchange

Students need huge amount of foreign currency when they are visiting Germany for study purpose. GHEC is associated with reliable forex vendors that can provide required currency as well as forex card to meet day to day expenses. We ensure that students get foreign exchange at the best possible rates. It will help students to manage their expenses easily.

Pre Departure Briefing

At GHEC, we believe that students must be well-aware about Germany’s culture and fundamental laws before visiting there. Therefore, we conduct a pre departure briefing session for our students to dispense important information about the common and uncommon issues. Our experts interact with students and try to solve their real time queries and curiosity about Germany, university and environment. It is quite challenging to adapt the living environment of new place therefore we always help our student to make their education journey interesting and successful.

Alumni Support

GHEC has many previous students in Germany who continuously share their living as well as study experience with us. It makes easy for us to guide our students with the honest experiences of our alumni. When students arrive, they can take help from alumni team and solve their general queries such as food, transportation, study material and etc. We provide contact details of our alumni team to every student before departure.

On- Arrival Formalities

After Arrival in Germany, students need not to be worry as all the formalities and documents are already arranged by GHEC. Our partner universities will help students to get all the official formalities to be done.

Post- Arrival Services

We not only believe in sending students to Study in German but provide continuous support during the entire study period. If students face any issues while studying, they can easily contact us to get the right solution.