University of Applied Sciences

About University of Applied Sciences

●   Comes under Top 25 Universities in Germany & Top 10 Business schools in Germany.

●   The university promotes future-oriented field of education such as Business, Sports, Media and Event and Art & Design.

●   The University of Applied Sciences Europe is member of Global University Systems and opens up unlimited career opportunities to its students by awarding a degree with an international reputation.

●   In order to promote national language, Free German classes are provided to international students.

●   University of Applied Sciences Europe also offers an opportunity to opt for one semester education in abroad hence it is optional.

●   Practical experience besides university theory, Internships, Excursions

Quick facts

Iserlohn, Berlin & Hamburg

Available Intakes:

Education Fields:
Business, Sports, Media and Event and Art & Design.

Bachelor Programs Degree Program Duration Intake Available
1 B.Sc. Business & Management Studies 3 Years
(4th Semester abroad or Internship)
2 B.Sc. Digital Business & Data Sciences 3 Years
(4th Semester abroad/Internship)
3 B.Sc. Sport & Event Management
(Soccer Management) specialization in Basketball with ALBA Berlin College (Dual Degree)
3 Years
(4th Semester abroad/Internship)
4 years
4 B.A. Game Design 3.5 Years Sep/March
5 B.A. Communication - Design 3.5 Years Sep/March
6 B.A. Photography 3.5 Years Sep/March
7 B.A Film and Motion Design 3.5 Years Sep/March

Master Programs Degree Program Duration Intake Available
1 MSc Finance & Management 2 Years Sep/March
2 MSc Cooperate Management
(During your studies with 120 ECTS, you can choose from three areas of specialization , two of which are required: Business Administration, Marketing & Sales, HR & Corporate Development)
1 or 2 Years Sep/March
3 MA in International Sport & Event Management (if student does 6 months studies in Real Madrid Graduate School they will get a Complementary Degree MBA in Sports Management) 2 Years Sep/March
4 MA Media Space 1.5 Years Sep/March
5 MA Photography 1.5 Years Sep/March
6 MA Visual & Experience Design 1 Year Sep/March
7 MA Smart City Management 2 Years Sep/March
8 MA Innovation Design Management 1 year Sep/March