Students in Germany either live in a student hall of domicile or a private accommodation. We recommend finding an accommodation before you reach Germany. You'll most likely have to find a place to live on your own, because in opposition to other countries, German universities do not automatically appoint rooms to students when they enroll. Depending on where you study and what your financial situation is like, it may not be easy to find accommodation. Therefore, start looking as early as possible - ideally before you arrive in Germany.

The International Office at the university can provide advice and useful information for finding a place to live.


Like elsewhere in the world, private accommodations can vary largely. In Germany you will find everything from empty rooms to fully furnished flats on the market. You can rent a room or an entire flat. There are also rooms available in flat shares. In a flat share, several people live together in one flat. Each person has his or her own bedroom, but shares the kitchen, bathroom, possibly a living room and sometimes the cost of telephone and Internet. Flat shares are very popular among students. Usually you can only sign a rental contract for a room or apartment in person.


You don't have a place to stay when you arrive in Germany? Then you should analyze where you're going to stay in the first few Initial days in Germany. There are lot of options which the International Office can tell you more about.

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