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What qualifications do German universities offer?

All universities in Germany offer internationally recognized degrees. BA or a BSc (Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Science) will usually take 6 semesters (3 years) to complete, and these are the most common undergraduate degrees. For postgraduate programme, MA or MSc (Master of Arts / Master of Science) will take 2-4 semesters (1-2 years).

What are the entry requirements to study abroad in Germany?

Anyone with an International university degree/higher education qualification is generally permitted to study in Germany. However, the recognition of the qualification is linked to a certain requirements.

How long can I study in Germany?

You can study in Germany according to the duration of your programme. For further information
Contact: German Higher Education Centre (studyingermany.in)

How do I apply to universities in Germany?

German Higher Education Centre represent many renowned Universities in Germany. Our experienced staff will process your applications to the German Universities.

Where can I study in Germany?

It’s a very frequent question of the international students. According to QS Berlin, Munich, Hamburg are the most popular cities in Germany to study. German higher education centre represent many renowned University/ Colleges in all these famous cities for all international programmes.

Where will I live during my studies?

Most of the colleges provide on campus accommodation. If you struggle with finding your accommodation, you can seek help from us. We can help you to search affordable accommodation for you.

Is it mandatory to learn German language while studying in Germany?

No, you can consider taking English-taught programme, if you only know English. There are German language course held by universities, especially for all International students. You may be required to provide proof of your English-language proficiency with a TOEFL or IELTS result.

Can I work part time in Germany during my studies?

Yes, you can work for 20 hours/week.

Can I stay in Germany after completing my studies?

As International student, you are able to stay in the country and seek work for additional period of 18 months. If you gain work within 18 months period, make sure that you extend your visa and other necessary permits to ensure you are living in the country legally.

Further query?

If you have any further questions related, kindly visit German Higher Education Centre.

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