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In German Higher education System you will learn different Universities and degrees they offer in their country. The teaching system at university is different than what students used to study before. Here students have to learn to take responsibility for them. There's only one examination at the end of the semester. For international candidates, the first exam phase might be little difficult because they didn't know exactly how to revise for it. But that's what they have to improve for their future so that students can handle situations in real world beside in German higher education system some of the courses mandatory internship is attained to the students to enhance their knowledge.

However it is important to know the university system is special for international students should look for the best programs, instead of choosing a good university if you want to study or develop in Germany. While the faculties are approximately the same, they offer various programs and use very contrasting research methodologies which help candidates to improve or enhance your knowledge one will gain during his study period. This comes from a long and old tradition on which the impressive reputations of German universities are based.

The world of German universities is very different from the world of other English universities, which is known from television or cinema. Here the universities usually have no large campus, but the city itself is the campus, as in Berlin and Munich. Nevertheless, you feel part of a recognizable universe. Many identical sciences programs and even some humanities courses are no longer in German, but in English. So you can study or promote in Germany without knowing German language. Still, we would not recommend not speaking German. When any student learns German, It would feel more like home in Germany. As a result, you will find time at your university to find the proof of German as a foreign language. The courses offered by these lecturers are often free of charge and always of good quality (the examinations are usually demanding, but the effort is worth it). In Germany you can study at different universities i.e. universities of applied sciences and colleges of art, film and music.

And also you can find more about the advantages of German language, more about universities, internships and programs in given sections on the homepage.

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