After successfully acquiring an admission and visa for Germany, the next step is to book your accommodation as you need a place where you can settle down on arrival. Finding an accommodation in unfamiliar location is a daunting task but GHEC helps students in booking their accommodation at the right place and in affordable prices. Some public universities have their own dormitories and automatically book student’s accommodation on enrollment.

Rest of the universities and colleges do not have any accommodation facility and thus students have to book their own accommodation before arriving to Germany.

Private Accommodation

In Germany, you will find everything from empty rooms to fully furnished flats or you can rent a room or an entire flat. You can take flat on single or sharing occupancy according to your personal preference. To book an accommodation in Germany, there are various online portals through which you can book according to your location and budget.

GHEC can also help you to book your accommodation!

German Higher Education Centre has many students who are studying in Germany and can help in providing right information about the quality and facilities of apartments. We also have access to many online accommodation portals through which we can guide our students.